About Daniel Fayette + Co.

Daniel Fayette + Co is a multi-disciplinary creative team that empowers business owners to grow their business through effective websites. He and his team of professionals help take your project from start to finish.

Hey, I'm Daniel Fayette!

I’m the owner and lead web designer/strategist of Daniel Fayette + Co. Based in Greensburg, Indiana, I specialize in helping businesses grow their online presence by creating strategic websites. I also support businesses with branding, marketing strategy, and video production.

“My goal is to truly understand my clients’ needs, diagnose, and provide them with a custom solution that gets them results. I take pride in making each website something you will love and strive to work with honesty, passion, and dedication.”

Certified DTM Consultant

The Duct Tape Marketing system gives us and our clients a powerful strategic advantage. We have a proven framework and marketing method that works for any small business. We are trained with the latest online marketing courses and tools so we can better add value to our clients.

Duct Tape Marketing Certified Marketing Consultant
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